Hi All,

We are automating a project management tool. it is a web based application. we can integrate this with MS Project.

I have added both web and vb addins to do this automation. i logined to web application and i have one button in that with name export to MS Project i just clicked on that . now the project gets opened in MS Project. To ensure that at least i have to report the TASK COUNT from MS Project.

But if i record on MS Projects GANTT CHART. it is recording as grid so i can not find the task count "JWinproj-GridClass".

Below is the script recorded for MS Project:

Window("Microsoft Project").WinObject("JWinproj-GridClass").Click 134,113
Window("Microsoft Project").WinObject("JWinproj-GridClass").Click 80,100

I can find out the Task Count in my web application But I can not do this in MS Project. I have to compare both to ensure all tasks are loaded into MS Project.

Can any one help me in this Regard.

SivaKumar Reddy.P