my goal is to design an automated test (using Mercury QTP 9.0) which checks that after the mouse is moved over some bar item in the toolbar for a couple of seconds, (specifically a syncfusion Bar item, and toolbar) a tooltip appears with the text of that bar item.

I believe I need to do one of the following:

1) Catching or tracing an event that is sent from the synfusion Bar Item to the screen (or something in the middle of them) that tells the screen to show a tooltip with some text. Than verify that the text of the Bar Item (in the tooltip field) is the text shown.


2) after moving the mouse over a Bar Item, check for any new popped windows or tooltip windows and check that the text in that window (tooltip window) is the text in the bar item.

I would really appreciate any help or hint because I can not thing of any other way to do that and I don't know how to implement any of the 2 ideas above in QTP. (The test must performed automatically)

I would like to stress the fact that the problem is not accessing the field that stores the string that is SUPPOSED to be shown in the tooltip. THE problem is to check that a tooltip has appeared(!), and to compare and verify between the text shown (physically) on the screen, and the string stored at the field "tooltip" of a syncfusion barItem.