Hello to everybody.

I have a bigger problem with identifying a WinListView-Object (Checkbox in ListView).
I have a Solution to select an ListItem via a specified SubItem (see below).
But in the last Row there is placed a CheckBox. The ObjectSpy gives me a different WindowID for the CheckBox, but no any Properties to identify the Checkbox. x/y, abs x/abs y not really the solution, because the size of the ListView can be different and the values are different too.

If i create an Checkpoint i will get a nice Table, but i never found any way to get such a table in my script for selecting a single cell. I know the way for Tables in ActiveX and Web, but not for a simple WinListView.

Can anybody help me?

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'================================================= =========
Function Table_ListView (f_Object, f_Column,f_Name)
'================================================= =========
With f_Object
For i = 0 to .GetROProperty("items count") -1
.Select i
If .GetSubItem (i,f_Column) = f_Name Then
Table_ListView = i
Exit Function
End If
End with
Table_ListView = -1
End Function
'================================================= =========

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