I have to compare 2 files. I used the following cdoe
Set doc = XMLUtil.CreateXML()

doc.LoadFile "C:\Program Files\CForce\CFORCE\XML\asia-pac\sarada.donga\cust_information1.25.xml"

Set doc1 = xmlutil.CreateXML()

doc1.LoadFile "C:\XML Trial\cust_information1.3.xml"

res = doc.Compare(doc1,resultDoc,micXMLValues+micXMLCDat aSections)

if res = 1 then

reporter.ReportEvent micpass,"cust_information.Xml file","Both the xml files are matched"


reporter.ReportEvent micfail,"cust_information.Xml file","Both the xml files are not matched"

end if

resultdoc.savefile "c:\xmloutput\output.xml" 'This output xml file contains the mismatches.

In the above example the output file showing both the match and mismatch cases. but i want only mismatch cases and the position of the mismatch tag.

Pls anyone could helpme to solve this problem.