Absent from many documents on vbScript (including the very valuable O'Rielly vbScript in a Nutshell) is a description of two special characters that may prove useful from time to time:

1. The line continuation '_' (underscore) character permits a statement to span multiple lines.

2. The statement separator ':' (full colon) character permits multiple statements per line.

These and other little ditties are describe in the following public domain Microsoft article, http://www.microsoft.com/technet/scr...in/ss0805.mspx, targeted at new vbScript coders.

The article rightly so cautions the use of placing multiple statements on a single line using the ':' statement separator, as it can definately create ugly code and code that a debugger has problems with. But there are a few situations where I feel the code's readability can be improved using this technique, for example where you have multiple assignment statements in a Select Case statements, as in:
<font class="small">Code:</font><hr /><pre>
Select Case lPlatform
Case lBuild
iMachine=1 : iNetwork=bNet : iHost=redHost : etc...
Case lDev
iMachine=2 : iNetwork=gNet : iHost=bluHost : etc...
Case lQAS
iMachine=3 : iNetwork=qNet : iHost=brnHost : etc...
End Select
</pre><hr />
The line continuation character '_' though is much more useful when you have long lines, or function/subs with several arguments, that you want to break up in some arbitrary manner to improve understandability.

The following example code runs in both the context of a QTP test, as well as a blah.vbs file under WSH:
<font class="small">Code:</font><hr /><pre>
Option Explicit
Dim i : i = 12

Dim s : s = "hot" &amp; _
sub displayFoodInfo (theFood, _
msgBox theCount &amp; _
" " &amp; _
end sub
call displayFoodInfo(s, i)
</pre><hr />

-Hope some find this useful, Terry Horwath