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    Need help in VBScript

    Hi Gurus,
    Iam new to qtp. Here my requirements are that i need to write a vbscript. Please some one help me out....

    I have a list box which contains YEAR field. If we select Year from this then next list box is there which have the company names(car manufacuter eg like honda, wakswagon, ...) . There are 25 manufacturing company names.

    And if i select company from this then the corresponding models of that company are avaible.

    How do i validate this using VBScript in QTP. Plese send me the code(logic).

    Thanks in Advance,

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    Re: Need help in VBScript

    And what exactly do you need to verify?
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    Re: Need help in VBScript

    if we select year then corresponding makes are coming in make list box and if we select a make and then corresponding models need to come in the model list box?

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    Re: Need help in VBscript


    You are asking someone here to do your job. If your company has put you in the position of using QTP when you do not have knowledge please ask them for training.

    If you have obtained your job by claiming QTP/VBscript knowledge then you had better start learning quickly - there are many on-line courses where you can learn VBscript and QTP had help and tutorial.

    This forum is a discussion area for professionals where we help each other out not a place where we do peoples work for them

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    Re: Need help in VBscript

    Iam sorry..

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    Re: Need help in VBscript

    iam sorry and i was unable to get, i posted here.



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