(I found this topoic in .NET and think my question may be answer in this section)


I'm afraid .NET add-in doesn't allow the recognition of all objects.
Devexpress components, for instance, arenít all recognised. This applies to pop-up menus, grid cells, and even normal text-fields and dates. QTP 9.0 with .NET add-in records this objects with a different class from the original (used by the programmers), in the case of grid cells doesnít record right mouse-clicks that allow pop-ups menus.
I have a wizard with several fields: two text, two special text and data fiels. When I run the test what I write in a special text field disappears as soon as I go to the next field, and the same happens with the dates. Since it is a wizard and there are obligatory fields the test canít be run at allÖ
How can I test with these objects?