QTP Forum Guidelines

Newbie - Go through all below guidlines if you are a newbie.

Piracy - Do not ask for/post any maintenance numbers or link to copyrighted software or material. Any post violating this would be deleted. Asking for any QTP installation would also be considered as a violation of the same.

Thread hijacking - Don't ask a question in between the post which is totally different from the topic for which the post was started. Make a new post in such cases.

Respect - Do not abuse other forum members. Respect everyone's point of view

Search - Before posting any query make sure that you search the forum for earlier posts related to your query. Topics like "I am a Newbie, where to start", "QTP Framework" etc....have been discussed many times on the forum. Avoid posting these types of queries until unless necesarry.

Words - Do not use words like ASAP, U*rgent, Please etc...

ALL CAPS - Do not use all CAPITAL LETTERS in posts. (All CAPS is considered "shouting" and causes readability issues.)

Non-QTP related posts -Do not post Non-QTP related posts and also report such kind of post to the moderators

Personal Information - Do not post other peoples personal information (email addresses, names etc.) without their permission.

Jobs - Do not post/ask any for a Job. For such kind of things use http://www.qajobs.net

How do I put up my ad? - You don't. If you want to become a sponsor here, there is a link at the top of the column of sponsors in yellow that will get you to an e-mail address where you can discuss sponsorship with the forum owners.

QTP Forum Moderators