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    check the dynamic link from a webtable

    How to check dynamic link at run time..

    In thsi sometimes site shows one link and sometimes it is not.. depends on eligibility...
    So i need to recognise that link and check it whether that link exist in particular time or not

    But i am trying by using GetRoProperty
    But its is not working becaus that table dont have any link as in properties

    it have only innertext

    not getting how to do???

    Please reply

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    Re: check the dynamic link from a webtable

    maybe this can help you.

    Dim myDesLink
    Set myDesLink = description.Create()
    myDesLink("htm tag").value = "......"
    myDesLink("src").value = "........"
    browser(".....").Page(".....").Link(myDesLink).Cli ck

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    Re: check the dynamic link from a webtable


    If the 'link' appearing in a table, its easy to check.

    WebTable("Table").GetCellData(1, 1)'here u can validate link text
    or You can find the rows in that webtable.

    then u can put a Loop and u can search in all the rows.


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    Re: check the dynamic link from a webtable

    There are many ways

    - Add the Link to the OR and then check if the Link Exist
    - Use GetCellData to get the text of the Link and then use the below to check if the text is a link or not

    <font class="small">Code:</font><hr /><pre>
    sLink=B().P().WebTable().GetCellData (row,col)
    If B().P().WebTable().WebElement("text:=" &amp; sLink).GetROProperty("html tag")="A" then
    Msgbox "Link"
    Msgbox "Just Text"
    End If
    </pre><hr />



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