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    WebElement rendered as Checkbox

    Dear All -

    I have a 'Country' selection list displayed on web page. All the countries are listed in a row one after the other - with each of them having one checkbox against them. To select any country, you simple check the checkbox.

    QTP recognizes this checkbox as 'WebElement'. If I am not mistaken, this means that it is a Web Element - but it is rendered as a CheckBox and associated to a custom class that makes it work like a checkbox.

    I am able to code a 'WebElement().Click' and simulate a check operation on the checkbox - however, I am unable to verify if this checkbox is checked or unchecked.

    I need to check this because if the country is already checked when I call this code - it unchecks it !! What I want is that first verify if its checked or not checked - if not checked then only call the code for checking it.

    Development Environment - .Net
    Browser - IE
    QTP Version - 9.0

    Any suggestions / work arounds appreciated :-)

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