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    Descriptive programming

    I am unable to simulate the below steps using descriptive programming. User is able to see a list of WebElements(eg:100) on a IE Popup. When user performs a mouse rollover on these WebElements the cursor turns to a hand and user is able to perform a click on these objects. What I am trying to do here is to perform a random click on one of the available WebElements.Should I use the Runtime object properties for these webelements ? If so how should I proceed ? Any help is appreciated ! Thanks !
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    Re: Descriptive programming

    After moving mouse on the element it's able to click is this the conition?
    If so then use "onmouseover".

    What error u r getting?
    Explain more.


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    Re: Descriptive programming

    I am getting a general run error. It is neither able to perform a mouseonover nor click. (Also have attached the example source code )Thanks !
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    Re: Descriptive programming

    Try this

    Browser().Page().WebElement("text:=Test").object.o nmouseover
    Browser().Page().WebElement("text:=Test").object.c lick

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    Re: Descriptive programming

    Hi I tried what was suggested, does not work. Also tried
    Browser().Page().WebElement("text:=Test").object.F ireEvent(onmouseover)
    Browser().Page().WebElement("text:=Test").object.c lick


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    Re: Descriptive programming

    Set the Tools->Event recognization settings to High and then try recording the scripts

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    Re: Descriptive programming

    Solution :
    Changed Class Name property to micclass like below (based on Mercury personnel's suggestion)

    If (Browser("name:=Country").Page("title:=Country").E xist(1))Then

    Set pMyDesc = Description.Create()
    pMyDesc("micclass").Value = "WebElement"
    pMyDesc("html tag").Value = "A"
    Set pWE =Browser("name:=Country").Page ("title:=Country").ChildObjects(pMyDesc)
    msgbox pNoOfChildObjs
    pCounter = ((pNoOfChildObjs*Rnd)+1)
    End If

    Thanks !



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