Hi All,

I am doing automation using QTP 9 with Stingray Add-In.

While doing automation the applicaton also support Stingray grid so when I record the to set value in qtp I got following code :
Window("MicroHedge [STATIC] v4.62.019").WinTable("StingrayGrid").DblClick 58,7
Window("MicroHedge [STATIC] v4.62.019").WinTable("StingrayGrid").SetCellData "#1", "#2", "86"
Window("MicroHedge [STATIC] v4.62.019").Activate

but unfortunatly it was not working when I change the value.in code.
Window("MicroHedge [STATIC] v4.62.019").WinTable("StingrayGrid").SetCellData "#1", "#2", "87"

I analysis that in Stingray Grid the application uses the WinEditor("GXEDIT") control.

We observer that in Wintable Stingray Grid particular cell there is one control called Wineditor GXEDIT.

We tried to set the value as below but for that we need to double click on particular cell so that the below code will be execute and work properly.

Window("MicroHedge [STATIC] v4.62.019").Activate
Window("MicroHedge [STATIC] v4.62.019").WinEditor("GXEDIT").Type "70.20"
Window("MicroHedge [STATIC] v4.62.019").WinEditor("GXEDIT").Type micReturn

But we donít want any manual interaction for double click.

can anybody know how I can set the value either on Stingray Grid or in GXEDIT
Is there any other solution to set value in GXEDIT.?

Need uregent help.