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    Export Environment, Datasheet,external Excel files

    Here what I am doing.

    1)ExecuteFile "C:\DriverFile.vbs"
    DriverFile contains

    2) SystemUtil.Run "iexplore.exe",Environment("sURL")
    When I run script I get erro msg stating Environment,GlobalFunction,GlobalFunction,Applicat ionFunction, and DynamicObjectRepository files not found.

    Can you please help?

    Prashant Patel

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    Re: Export Environment, Datasheet,external Excel files

    Have you associated these resources with the QTP script?

    Mark Smith.

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    Re: Export Environment, Datasheet,external Excel files

    Here is my automation custom build structure, which works fine when I execute script via Test Batch Runner. However, managment wants to run via Quality Center.

    1) C:\Automation\QTP\GlobalFunction
    2) C:\Automation\QTP\Project
    =>DriverFile.vbs which calls all above files including STEP1.
    3) Now when I create a script in QTP, I just call the function by passing parameters like:
    Call Login(Environment("sURL")

    NOTE: Currently I have 25 scripts.
    Just to understand correctly,
    As per your solution, I have to associate all the files in STEP 1 and STEP 2 to each script?

    Where do I associate .xml and .xls files in QTP?
    I know how to associate .vbs file in QTP.

    Thank you for your reply

    Prashant Patel



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