Hi every body,
We have few scripts automated using QTP 8.2 against IE 6.0 browser.For all the actions in one module we set the repository path inside the action by giving line of code at the biginning of each action "app.test.settings.....="subject\....."".

We are planning to test our scripts against IE 7.0 browser.Since QTP 8.2 does not support IE 7.0 i have installed QTp 9.0 . i open the existing script which was automated using qtp 8.2 on qtp 9.0 and got a warning saying the script was created in earlier version if you choose ok then the scripts format will change.I selected OK.now the problem is my automated script is not identifying the repository path mentioned in the action.I am getting error. The path itself(test>Settings>REpository path>....) does not exist in QTp 9.0 .From my understanding looks like we need to add associated repositories to the actions.But there are many actions/drivers and less time to update.Based on my scenario can any one please suggest any other alternative/solution to associate all the repositories to the driver/action by adding something like test>settings>... so that when ever that action has been called that perticular repository will be set .

Thanks in advance