After a few years away from test automation (became a certified residential appraiser in Washington state...) I have returned to SQA. I am now with a company that is using Mercury's QuickTest Professional 8.2 and plans to upgrade to 9.0 soon.

I evaluated QTP in 2003 and found it lacking as compared to SilkTest at that time. Now I get the impression that QTP has been much improved and now supports robust group development and a recovery system.

I have prowled this site but have not found any documents that attempt to evalute current QTP features and functions. What I am looking for is an evaluation/comparison similar to one I wrote on SilkTest and WinRunner in early 2000 (

While I would love to see a comparison between SilkTest and a recent version of QTP, I know this is unlikely. Rather I will be happy to settle for an evalution of just QTP's main features (written by a non-Mercury employee).

Can anyone point me to such a document?

-Thanks, Terry Horwath