The test automation framework uses keyword driven methodology with action words as keywords.
The script that I invoke is Main Test Caller, this will refer to TestSelector.xls where functional tester can specify Individual Test case, Range of Test Cases to either include or exclude. Depending on test selection it will call the corresponding reusable action. Test driver derives the actions to be done from the Test Case xls and feed input to the reusable actions and in turn to the code under test and Generate the results. The test results and error log are maintained in .csv file. All these days I was not running scripts from TD.
Now I want to run tests from Test director. I want flexibility to run Individual Test case, Range of Test Cases and report result to TD.
I want to run individual test as well as range of tests? In my test cases there are dependencies to run the tests.
How to design the test cases to run independently as well as range of tests