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    Is this correct way of doing scripting?

    Hi members,
    I'm new to QTP and using 8.2 version. I elaborate the steps that I follow while preparing scripts for my web application. Please tell me the said way is correct.
    a. Created an object repository and saved it as an shared object repository.
    b. Imported the repository into test and created script such as SystemUtil.Run "iexplorer.exe","http:\\...".
    c. Created recovery scenarios and utility functions (*.vbs files) required for the scripts. I created numerous test case scripts this way.
    d. Then I created driver scripts using the automation object references syntax and called the QTP app, dynamically loading the repository and called the concerned test case scripts and wrote the reults in speciifed folder etc,..
    Plz tell me is this the right way to proceed with scripting since I'm single-handedly preparing the scripts Plz help me in my knowledge quest.

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    Re: Is this correct way of doing scripting?

    I think you are in right path. Except, I would suggest you to use Dynamic Object Repository (DOR) instead QTP built-in Object Repository. Then beginning of each test cases call the DOR.
    Prashant Patel

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    Re: Is this correct way of doing scripting?


    Can you please let me know whetehr you are following any Object Oriented Approach (class,functions etc) while writing the script.

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    Re: Is this correct way of doing scripting?

    Hi rlraja

    I am also working on QTP but on 9.0 version and i am new to qtp too. After reading your posting i came to know that i am not writing scripts as you mentioned.

    In my case i have to write scripts for one .Net application which will be used as n tier application. So after each update or changes they need not spend much time on searching bugs developed by new changes

    But what i did for one module(which include 16 windows) i have written 16 scripts, but i haven't created *.vbs files neither created shared repository

    I am also not aware of which is the best way to write script, i am exploring myself and what i get i get..then i try to improve that.

    So can you please help me here to improve in QTP..we can discuss different points here.

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    Re: Is this correct way of doing scripting?

    Hi Indranil,
    Though I'm aware of the idea of using dynamic object repository (DOR)and classes, I haven't used it. Could you please tell me on how to use and implement it with the scenario?
    Could you please tell me the mechanism on how you wrote the script so that I would update me.

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    Re: Is this correct way of doing scripting?

    There is more than one correct way of doing things - some correct ways will be better than others, which ones are better will depend on the environment, application and where you work.

    I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work" --Thomas Edison

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    Re: Is this correct way of doing scripting?


    i am not sure i am doing is proper way or not but so far i am doing this using QTP9.0 and people here are satisfied because they don't know about this.

    In my current company they hired me to introduce testing in their company, first month i created/downloaded lot many presentation and doc. and explained everyone here.

    Now i have one application which is developed in .NET and i am writing scripts for that, But there is no test cases so first i have to write tes cases get them approved and write scripts.

    So for one module i am done with test cases so i am writing scripts, but i have not created any shared OR and *.vbs files and all,

    For each screen i have written separae script which will cover almost all the functionalities and i have put some database checkpoints too.

    So can any one tell me how correct i am and how much i need to improve in current scenario.



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