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    retrieving emails


    i need to send and retrieve emails through qtp;
    sending mails works (with cdo);
    but i can't retrieve mails; i tried the code from the mercury knowledge base (id 41451), but they use outlook and i always get the security messages, so i am searching for a way to read the inbox not using outlook;
    has anyone a solution for me?

    thx, michaela

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    Re: retrieving emails

    Does you email have a webmail interface you could use?

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    Re: retrieving emails

    no, there is no web interface;

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    Re: retrieving emails

    [ QUOTE ]
    no, there is no web interface;

    [/ QUOTE ]

    What method would you use to view the emails manually?

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    Re: retrieving emails

    if i would do it manually, i would do the following: check outlook for mails of a certain sender and then save the attachement to the file system;

    and now i have to do the same automated: check the inbox and save the attachment from a certain message to the file system;
    it also should be the inbox of a test user, not mine;

    (and then compare two files from the file system);

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    Re: retrieving emails

    Apologies if this is not possible with outlook as I have only used QTP on web apps, but cannot you not just record the events on QTP then have at look at what objects it's created and how it has done it?

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    Re: retrieving emails

    i don't think, this will work; i tried it now, but i wasn't able to open an specific email, just always the first one:

    Window("Microsoft Outlook").WinObject("Tabellenansicht").DblClick 158,77

    ok, this was my first try, maybe i can get it to work, but are there no other possiblities (without outlook), like sending an email with cdo?
    retrieving an email with cdo?

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    Re: retrieving emails

    you need to use the COM Interface of OUTLOOK to interact with it.

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    Re: retrieving emails

    How about using RDO instead of CDO.


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    Re: retrieving emails

    i think i have solved the problem;

    thx for your tips;


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