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    Object repository size

    I am issues with slow performance when either pressing the main "Save" button in QTP(after making a change to an object in OR) or if I press the save button in the Object Repository. The later always causes QTP to hang for a while (it`s busy), while the first method only occassionally causes this (after a script OR change without saving in the OR screen I think).

    The size of my object repository is nearly 11MB. Surely this isn`t too large?. It consists of just about 15 screens of a web application. I thought it might of been because it was on a network drive but I have relocated it to my local drive and still it takes a good 3 minutes to do a "save" which is really frustrating. As I don`t see a way of using multiple OR files in 8.2, is there a workaround for this? I am using a shared Object Repository by the way - as it should be done (other tests will need access to this repository)

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    Re: Object repository size

    Your OR seems to be very large. I think i remenber reading (probably in this forum) that things start to ge slow with an OR bigger then 2 MB.

    Did you add all your object by recording, or did you add them via Add Object button in the OR? I'm asking because when you add objects via the OR you can choose to add the object plus all its descendents. If you've done this it might have added alot of objects that you don't use in your script.

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    Re: Object repository size

    I remember a download on the MI support site that was to fix performance issues with large OR's but can't remember which version of QTP it was for.

    11MB for 15 web pages! what are you doing learning every single object on all 15 pages?

    If you don't find an answer to your issue consider upgrading to v9.0 which allows multiple ORs.

    Mark Smith.

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    Re: Object repository size

    Yes I have used the "all descendants" option. I wanted to create the OR once for the AUT for everyone to use, so we didn`t end up with multiple testers adding new entries willy-nilly to the OR as and when they need them in their tests(and possible adding the same objects multiple times). I realise now with this limitation that this could of been done differently though.

    Version 9 of QTP and we`re only just getting around to multiple object repository files and the ability to edit external function libraries! Blimey. And an 11mb OR file causes such a slowdown in performance -wow!
    Sorry, whinge over [img]/images/graemlins/smile.gif[/img]. Got out of the wrong side of the bed I think



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