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    Basic QTP question


    I am a beginner on QTP and need some advice

    I have recorded a simple script that opens a web page and runs through a few registration screens.

    I would like to use the script to enter all my test cases. So I need to read in variables like name and surname. For this I have set up a local sheet with the required fields.

    My problem is how do I get the script to rerurn to the start once it has run andto accept the next line from the spread sheet?


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    Re: Basic QTP question

    Use :

    RunAction "$ACTION", allIterations

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    Re: Basic QTP question

    GMT the easiest way as a beginner is put your data in the Global datasheet and set Test > Settings > Run > Run on all rows.

    Make sure that your script navigates back to the start point ready for the next iteration.

    Mark Smith.



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