i am using Winrunner from last 8 months and now i can say i am very much use to that and i can find ways anyhow if i get stuck somewhere and also with the help of this forum..but now yesterday we had review meeting in my company and there people discussed why i am not using QTP...ten i told them i don't know...but then after i searched for QTP and cam to the conclusion that QTP will be more helpfull to me as i am normally testing .NET Application they can be web application or windows based...so i have to explain management now that what are the differences in QTP and WinRunner...and why QTP is better...even though i don't know it is bertter than WinRunner or not..also i have to give them time frame in how many day i will be able to learn and then ready to write scripts on QTP..so can you guys out there help me to solve this...i need enough points to show them also enough points to explain that i can learn QTP and work on that in ver nearfuture...else i hope they will hire new QTP Expert... [img]/images/graemlins/tongue.gif[/img]