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    Limitations of QTP

    Can any one tell me what are the limitations of QTP.

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    Re: Limitations of QTP

    Comparing to what? Every tool has its short-comings.
    Thanks for your feedback.


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    Re: Limitations of QTP

    while implementating any test automation frame work what are the difficulties we face with QTP irrespective of any tool.u said every tool has it's own short comings , ineed these short comings regarding QTP

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    Re: Limitations of QTP

    Most of the shortcomings come from the automator or misunderstandings of the people who just had to have this tool and didn't do a lot of research. Why not focus on the positives? What is the purpose of your need? What is the context?

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    Re: Limitations of QTP

    QTP is only limited by the inability of people to think for themselves.

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    Re: Limitations of QTP

    Any automation tool is as good|bad
    as hands and mind of automator, who is using it.


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    Re: Limitations of QTP

    1. Datatables are a liability
    2. Using inbuilt checkpoints of any kind is a liability
    3. Using QTP the way Mercury intended is a liability

    That said and as some others have said how good a tool is, is only limited by your imagination and your coding skills.

    I have a framework that I have used with Rational Robot QTP 8.2 & 9.0 and Compuware TestPartner (and the less said about TestPartner the better off we all are).

    QTP is only a tool add some imagination and it can be a very good tool. Use it the way Mercury intended and it is a very average tool.

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    Re: Limitations of QTP

    Thank you IanF

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    Re: Limitations of QTP

    Please come up with valuable answers, who said that limitation of particular tool is inability of the people working on that tool, if i list out the limitations of QTP then will u log out from QAforum ?

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    Re: Limitations of QTP

    Hmm. Limitations. Well my bias for a programming language is 'C,' not VB. So every time I go to program I have to translate on the fly (think in C, write in VB derivative). So, I call this a limitation. You can decide is this is a personal limitation or a tool based one.

    On the tool side, let's see. QTP doesn't support the following apps/dev environments.
    <ul type="square">[*]PowerBuilder[*]Baan[*]Centura[*]Delphi[*]Forte[*]Siebel 5&amp;6[*]SmallTalk[*]Stingray[*]explicit Clarion objects[/list]

    It only runs on Windows. If I have to test something that runs in X-Windows I have to move to another Mercury tool which has a different language. I would call this a limitation.

    It doesn't run on my copy of Windows 3.1 that I keep around for compatibility testing. I would call this a limitation.

    The box is not quite heavy enough to use a doorstop to keep the hydraulic arm from closing my office door. I would call this a limitation.
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