Hi all,
I am trying to open and run a test through automation script,

Eg test:
systemutil.Run "www.google.com"
msgbox "Website opening"
msgbox "Pass"

Automation script: It contains
html code for showing a page with button "Run Eg test"
Created QTP object & launched.

Set qtApp = CreateObject("QuickTest.Application") ' Create the Application object
qtApp.Launch ' Start QuickTest
qtApp.Visible = True ' Make the QuickTest application visible

when I open the html page & click on the button, it prints two messages
"website opening" & "Pass" then it opens google website in the same browser
in which html webpage was opened.
How can I change my automation script so that it opens QTP, run the test and opens
a new browser for google.com, keeping the html page open.
Any help is really appreciated.

Thank you.