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    Re: iteration problem

    Try entering few row to your global data table (that is the one in the test) and you will see the change........

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    Re: iteration problem

    Sorry, Not sure I understand your suggestion.
    I currently import my datatable from an excel file - my test will import several rows. the test will run one time for each row but use the data from the first row only

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    iteration problem

    I am having a problem with my script running each iteration from the datatable that I imported. The script will run an iteration for each row in the datatable, but is uses the data from the first row for each run.

    datatable.ImportSheet "D:\QTP\MY_QTP\InputData\data2.xls",1,1
    row = DataTable.GetSheet("Global").GetCurrentRow
    msgbox row
    UserName= DataTable("UserName",dtGlobalSheet)
    Password= DataTable("Password",dtGlobalSheet)
    Domain= DataTable("Domain",dtGlobalSheet)
    ServerName= DataTable("ServerName",dtGlobalSheet)
    BuildName= DataTable("BuildNumber",dtGlobalSheet)
    msgbox BuildName
    DBtype= DataTable("Database",dtGlobalSheet)

    I have search the forums all day, but nothing is working. Any suggestions?


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    Re: iteration problem

    it is working now
    the problem was with the importsheet running for each iteration
    I added a check for the current row then used an if statement to import the data
    if row <=1 then
    datatable.ImportSheet "D:\QTP\MY_QTP\InputData\data2.xls",1,1
    end if



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