Hi All,

My application is web application,after login into web site, few tabs will be displayed.For ex: A,B and C are main tabs in the page apart from other links.

When i Clicked on 'A', a page with two tabs will be displayed like 'D' and 'E' subtabs within the tabbed lay out of 'A'. When i clicked on 'D'sub tabb, page should be displayed within the tabbed layout of 'A' ->'D' tab. It shouldn't displayed as separate page.

When i captured all these into OR, found these tabs A,B and C is added as Links not tabs.

Now , how will i go for verification if a tab clicked under 'A' or Main tab clicke,a page should be displayed within tabbed layout of 'Manin tab'.

All are web pages , by visual we can assure this is displayed as expected. I have to automate this .. can anyone guide me in this regard.