Hi All,

My requirement is i have to verify the grid contents based on the filter criteria set in the grid for any column.

for ex: column name is "A", First i have to set the value 3 or S in the particular column and then i need to click on "Search icon" which is available for each column. When clicked on this icon, single list appear in one column and the options like --- between , Not like,like and Apply filter , clear filter etc..

My questions are:
1) how to enter a value in the particular cell under column "A" in the table.I have captured the table but i don't know the method to enter the search criteria in the cell? please guide me.

2) once value entered, i have to click on "search icon" to select the option from the drop down list which is in one column in the single small window. How to select the "searh icon" for every column whenever i need dynamically for any column? Please guide me.

3.) how to capture the selection list option available in the long window when i clicked on search icon in the column.Pleas guide me.

Please share your suggestions in the above cases.