I am new to QTP and have landed myself in some trouble while automating some operation on the web application that i am supposed to test.


1. On the HTML page, there is a parent div and some child divs under it with id's and class as parameters
2. While recording the scripts the user is supposed to click on a link and the result of that is a javascript pop up is opened.
3. That pop up is basically a pull down menu having two options.
4. User selects one of the two options and completes the operation.


1. Here QTP is correctly recording the script till the point where the user clicks the link.

2. But the step after that is skipped, i.e opening a JScript pop up and selecting one of the two options in that.

Noticable thing here is that, the pop up(pull down menu) is defined in a "div" tag for that HTML page

Any inputs on how to solve the problem would be very much appreciated.