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    How to add and click a Favorites item?

    How can I add an item to the Favorites list of the browser (IE) at run time.

    How can I select that item from the Favorites list later in the test run?

    I tried recording the process but QTP fails on it during playback. Here's what it recorded for adding the item:

    Browser("Browser").WinToolbar("ToolbarWindow32").P ress "F&avorites"
    Browser("Browser").Dialog("Add Favorite").WinEdit("Name:").Set "TestBookmark"
    Browser("Browser").Dialog("Add Favorite").WinButton("OK").Click

    It only plays back the first line, and stops.

    Here's what it recorded for selecting the item:

    Browser("Browser").WinToolbar("ToolbarWindow32").P ress "F&avorites"

    So it naturally stops after this line too.

    Any ideas?


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    Re: How to add and click a Favorites item?

    Why don't you execute the actual shortcut itself:

    SystemUtil.Run "C:\Documents and Settings\smithma\Favorites\W3C XML Schema tools.url"

    This will open a browser to the W3C site from my favourites, amend the path to your favourites and execute one of them.

    Mark Smith.

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    Re: How to add and click a Favorites item?

    Unless you are testing the IE browser for Microsoft, why would you even be using test automation to interact with the Favorites list? Does the application that you are testing somehow modify the core functionality of the IE browser?
    Sr. Software Test Automation Architect

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    Re: How to add and click a Favorites item?

    Thanks for the tip. I'd try to get the current user's Fav folder and save it there.

    I am trying to bookmark a page of my application while I am logged in, and then open it while I am logged out. Testing system security!



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