Hi all,

I have Data Entry script where in I’ll be entering some data. After I enter the data there is a radio button with options Yes/No. If I click YES I will brought to the same page again to enter another record. If I say NO then I’ll be going further to another page in the process. Now my client wants me to enter the data for 10 records that is each time I will be saying YES and would be entering the data. After finishing the Tenth record I’ll click NO to go to another page. Now the problem occurs when parameterzing thease records. Right now I have the data driven like this

Browser.page.Webedit(“firstname”).set DataTable(“Fname1”,dtGlobalsheet”) --- first
record info
Browser.page.Webedit(“firstname”).set DataTable(“Fname2”,dtGlobalsheet”) –Second record
Browser.page.Webedit(“firstname”).set DataTable(“Fnamen”,dtGlobalsheet”) ---nth record

Now all thease names I’ve put in one data table in the same sheet. Is this a good idea to do?. Or is there a better way to handle this. Pl advice me. any help would be greatly appreciated.