I'm having problems incrementing an output datatable file independent of an input datatable file. After processing all the contents of an input datatable and outputing results to an output file, looping back to the top NOT ONLY resets the counter BACK To the top of the Input file BUT ALSO resets the counter for the Output file BACT to the top OVERWRITING the outputed data.

The process is as follows:
1. Read from a datatable.
2. Process data against app.
3. Output to file
4. Increment counter for input file
5. Increment counter for output file
6. Point to new row using counter

PsudoCode as follows:

In Main Action
For x = 1 To 5
call Action1

In Action1
Datatable.ImportSheet "C:\Input.xls",1,"Input"
cnt = 1

Do While cnt < End of InputFile
DataTable.SetCurrentRow cnt
Process data from input file
If Successful Then
DataTable.Value "Result", "Global"="PASS"
DataTable.Value "Result", "Global"="FAIL"
cnt = cnt + 1
DataTable.ExportSheet "C:\Output.xls",1