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    i am new member.

    my query is
    i am working an application where we will add a destination
    and there is option to modify the destinations.

    when we add a destination,it will be added to the list.An id is generated by the system.
    if you want to modify,we have to selcet radio button from the list and then clcik"modify"
    if i want to modify the destination which i added,i have to capture the id generated.

    i cant able to do with QTP.i want to run the script as first add destination script and immediately modify destination so that added destination should be modified using QTP

    can anyone help in this regard.
    i will be very thankful if you send immediate reply

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    Re: query

    Though you have put in the description in very poor language, I'd gladly solve you the problem if I find the (cash) reward tempting.
    Please let me know the application details and I will give you my account number. ( As far as this forum goes, I think you'd better send me a personal msg)

    Free Tip: Use the spell checker before posting, that will give other member more time to sift through posts and give you chance of more responses.



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