Hi I am developing a program to test certain text that will appear in my notepad which is not unique. The problem is when I select certain part of my text to add as a checkpoint and enable excat match as my option, the whole text is being captured and the results is always displayed as fail:


Text Checkpoint: captured " 411419 DAVE_U_REG_RSP ID9CE5AB_ACCEPT OUT 2C0001229CE5AB9CE5ABA7A1FF3A000111220102004D70F21A FFBA000111220102004D70162EFF 412903 DAVE_U_REG_RSP ID9CE5AB_ACCEPT IN A80000012210019CE5AB 414548 ISP OUT 280080101E10019CE5AB4..." after

2C0001229CE5AB9CE5ABA7A1FF3A000111220102004D70F21A FFBA000111220102004D70162EFF, expected " 411419 DAVE_U_REG_RSP ID9CE5AB_ACCEPT "
Match case: ON
Exact match: ON
Ignore spaces: ON

The text I want to capture is DAVE_U_REG_RSP ID9CE5AB_ACCEPT

but why is it the whole text before and after this particular text is being captured. I have tried using checkpoint before and after but it does not work either.

Pls advice if there are any other way to check for text?