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    functions and procedures

    hi all,

    can any body explain ,how can i write user defined functions and procedures and where i need to set the function files. and how can i call in my scripts.

    if any body have material or any scripts which are used in real time applications, please please provide them..

    thanks in advance

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    Re: functions and procedures

    in VBS there are 2 things (Function and Sub)
    here is how to use a function, and using a Sub is similar.

    1- Open the Notepad and paste the below
    Function myValue
    myValue= 3
    End Function
    2- save the file as .VBS (note: change the save as file to All files inorder to save as .vbs)
    3- open QTP and go to Test Settings menu
    in QTP8.2 you will find it under Test , in QTP9.0 under File.
    4- in the Test Settings pan click on the Resources tab and add the VBS file you created in step 2
    5- now you can use your function in QTP
    msgbox myValue 'will print out 3

    hope this help.
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    Re: functions and procedures

    Search the forums, you will find many examples.



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