I had this posted in an old topic, and thought it would be a better idea to start a new topic for it. He is what I'm trying to do:

What I'm trying to do it to automate the report make process in TD. We have a set of test that we run for regression testing 3 times a week. there is a master test set of almost 500 individual tests which are split up into 3 different test sets and ran on 3 different machines three to four times a week.

Currently we manually generate the 3 different reports in test director and copy them into an Excel work sheet. We then filter out the failed tests, figure out what happened when they ran, and make some comments in the Excel spreadsheet.

I am trying to create a script using QTP that will automatically create these three reports after all 3 test sets are done. When each report is created, I need to copy the results to the excel sheet and do some formatting on it.

I have the excel portion working where I can copy the contents. I also have the option of saving the report as an HTML and then importing to Excel. The only thing that I'm having trouble with is automating the process of generating the reports. Once I have the reports being generated automatically, I should be able to get the reports to Excel and do the formatting that I need to do.

We are using TestDirector 8.0 and QuickTest Pro 8.2

Thanks in advance fo your help.

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