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    simple program in QTP


    I have experience with winrunner.
    I am learning QTP.

    could some one please let me know how to get a value of property in a object and store it to a variable, I used the following code to get the property and store it to a variable

    var_Property=Browser("Welcome: Mercury Tours").Page("Welcome: Mercury Tours").Image("Sign-In").GetTOProperty("class name")

    I am getting Invalid procedure call or argument,

    Also, could you please tell me if there are any sample codes avilable in QTP itself, which I can review and learn. In winrunner there are lot of sample codes(Flight application)

    Thanks for your help

    K. Samy

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    Re: simple program in QTP

    Worked fine for me.

    Are the objects in the OR ?

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    Re: simple program in QTP

    1. Make sure objects are in OR
    2. Try the above with GetROProperty
    3. If both steps above fail, add a sync before the statement
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    Re: simple program in QTP

    if you installed quicktest plus then navigate to the following folder ..\\Mercury Interactive\QuickTest Plus\ScriptsAndTests
    it has some sample scripts for the flight application and you will also find some function files.



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