According to QTP's help, fireevent should work with winform apps. I keep seeing people offering it up for solutions on this forum but mostly for web AUTs. Can anyone explain how it works for winform apps, or more specifically, .net winform 2.0 apps? I have tried every syntax under the sun and QTP just returns "Exception Occurred".

For example:
swfwindow("MirageShell").swfListView("FormatSearch ResultsListView").FireEvent "ondblclick"

I have tried "click", "onclick", "ondrop", etc. with various elements (e.g., swfButton, swfWindow, swfTable). Also, where can one find a list of events and their args? I can't figure out if certain events I see posted as examples only apply to certain types of AUTs or if all events are universal.

Note: I'm using QTP 9.