I have the following code
'Select rows 1 to 12 in the table
JavaWindow("Funding Maintenance").JavaTable("Record 1 of 12").ExtendRowsRange "#1","#11"
'Click a button
JavaWindow("Funding Maintenance").JavaButton("Mass Update").Click
'This is to set a all the values in amount column to .04
JavaDialog("Mass Update").JavaEdit("Amount").Set ".04"
'Clicking update should update all the values in amount to .04,say before it was .05 after it should be .04
JavaDialog("Mass Update").JavaButton("Update").Click
'To save the updated value
JavaDialog("SAVE PROMPT").JavaButton("OK").Click

I am doing the above steps manually and able to update the values in amount column.However when I run the script above it is not updating the values.I understand that when the script runs the amount field is setting to '0' instead of '.04'.Any ideas how to make this work?