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    What new technologies most compliment QTP ?


    I've been debating what new technology to learn about to compliment and enhance my automated test skillset. As most technical people are aware, there are many to choose from, and each usually requires a significant amount of ones personal time.

    QTP has and will continue to be my tool of choice assuming the company I work at has it and there is no compelling reason not to use it.

    Given that - does anyone have any suggestions on what technologies (e.g. programming languages, scripting languages...open source tools) they feel would most compliment QTP development ?

    I've generally learned a little of this and that as the test automation job has required...a little SQL, a little Perl, a little Unix shell scripting, but I'm looking to pick one technology and go a bit deeper with it.

    (In another post I had suggested that writing .dll's was an important complimentary skillset - but that opinion was formed many years ago before Web/Java apps were so popular, and all these scripting languages were available, and before .Net --> I'm thinking it's time to reassess my earlier thinking.).

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    Re: What new technologies most compliment QTP ?

    Perl and UnixShell - are not used with QTP,
    unless AUT requires them specifically.

    For automating with QTP you need strongly knowledge of VBscript (as base scripting language of this tool), some programming language is nice to have, but not absolutely required (to write DLL's for QTP - it doesn't matter what languqge to use. Anyway, it is independent on QTP thread. QTP will execute it as external calling - no impact with QTP's internal technology)


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    Re: What new technologies most compliment QTP ?

    Joe I would also invest in a Windows Scripting book (my book of choice is Windows 2000 Scripting Guide, but it's probably not good for a beginner) as you can (and will probably need to embed some of this code in your QTP script).

    I started learning Windows Scripting from a book called WSH with VBScript for the absolute beginner by Jerry Lee Ford.

    HTH, Mark.

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    Re: What new technologies most compliment QTP ?

    That's a great suggestion Mark, I actually learned of the WSH through the QTP help files, which included some of the documentation. The fact that the scripts run across all Windows flavors is also a big plus. I had printed out some of the documentation, but never really did any more than open and close some files with it. In fact, that's a 1300 page book (w/great Amazon reviews)...I'm sure I've barely scratched the surface in terms of finding practical uses for these WSH scripts used in conjunction w/QTP.



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