How can I get a property that is an array? To complicate matters, this is a 3rd party .net 2.0 winforms control. I am using the .object property to access the 3rd party control's internal properties and methods.

I think I'm close because I can return non-array properties using the following:

SwfWindow("PSShell").SwfObject("PSGrid") emselection.count

the above returns the count of the selected items in my 3rd party control.

However the "count" property has an integer value. I am attempting to return properties of each item using:

SwfWindow("PSShell").SwfObject("PSGrid") emselection.items.item(0)

I experimented with a For Next loop and a For Each Loop. Neither appear to work. I am using the .NetSpy, which is an undocumented QTP feature. For example:


the above statement returns a list of the 3rd party's internal properties. The .netspy shows an array property for itemselection.items. To clarify, the items property is NOT a collection. I am able to manipulate collections in 3rd party controls via QTP with no problems. The problem is manipulating array properties.

Does anyone have any experience with this type of thing?

Note: I have QTP9 and every available .net patch and add-in installed correctly.