I am trying to grab text from a PDF document on a web application. The method I ended up going with involves using Ctrl - A to select all text on the page followed by Ctrl - C to copy the text. This works fine when I am running my test locally. The problem I'm having is when I attempt to run the test remotely on a host machine. For some reason my keyboard commands are not recognized and the clipboard is not populated unless I either have the remote session active in front of me or I'm running it locally.
To attempt a solution I've decoupled the clipboards so that the remote machine is always running its own clipboard and never trying to share. This didn't work. The keyboard commands are still not being recognized. All remote machines I've tested against have a keyboard physically plugged in as well.
Does anyone know of a System or QTP setting that I need to change so that keyboard commands work in QTP remotely?
Or an alternative solution: Does anyone know how to recognize the text on a PDF as its own object so I can pull it directly without using the clipboard?

QTP Version: 8.2
Local Machine OS: XP
Remote Machines tested: XP and 2K