I have a library file with defined constants:
Const var1 = "mybrowsername"
Const var2 = "mypagename"

I have tried passing both the constant value and the string for the constant. Am getting nothing for the parameter value in "copy of another action".

In action 1, I currently have the call:
RunAction "copy of another action", oneIteration, "mybrowsername", "mypagename", retvalue

I have also tried:
RunAction "copy of another action", oneIteration, var1, var2, retvalue

Within "copy of another action", I have a call to a function which uses the passed-in params. The function call is:

retvalue = fnHeaderCHI(var1, var2)

In debug mode, when I enter the function, there are no values for the passed params.

In "copy....", I have var1 and var2 declared as input and retvalue declared as output. Type = any.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.