The AUT has a toolbar with 9 button items. I can iterate through them and see their name:
cItems = SwfWindow("Atest").SwfToolBar("toolStripStandard") .GetItemsCount
sReport = "ToolStrip buttons count " & cItems & vbCr
For iItem = 0 To cItems - 1
sName = SwfWindow("Atest").SwfToolBar("toolStripStandard") .GetItem(iItem)
sReport = sReport & "Name=" & sName & vbTab
Reporter.ReportEvent EVENTSTATUS_GENERAL, "Toolbar data", sReport

The above snippet tells me the names of the buttons. I guess I could store themsomehow and refer to them, but that is a kludge.

I can also address the button directly using the name text string:
SwfWindow("Atest").SwfToolbar("toolStripStandard") .Press "Search"

I'd still like to see these in the OR so I can directly interact with them.

Confused! Any tips on how to deal with these SwfToolbar objects?

I am confused about how this object works. Is it because the buttons are declared 'Private' in the code? Or, are all SwfToolbar buttons hidden from us?