Does anyone use the .netspy?

There are a series of QTP dialog boxes that open when using
the "hidden" .net spy method. For example, this statement:


...opens the .net spy which exposes all properties of custom .net
objects. It also accesses a QTP feature that includeds an Event

However, I can't find any examples of syntax neccessary to write QTP
code to simulate these events or use any of these properties. For
example: QTP displays the "Click" Event and it lists the Arguments (in .net spy)
for it (I think), but I don't understand how to simulate these events
with QTP. I tried something like the following to click a menu on a
custom menu bar:

swfWindow("Sample").swfObject("bar1").object.getit ems
("item1").fireevent "click"

and QTP says the fireevent method is not available for the object.