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    External Jscript files

    Is it possible to execute external jscript files from QTP scripts and pass values to scripts file functions.
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    Re: External Jscript files

    No i dont think so....only *.vbs and *.txt files are allowed.

    If you want to give a shot....try

    ExecuteFile "filename along with full path"


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    Re: External Jscript files

    As far as executing is concerened i think you can do that by putting it into text file and saving it as .js extention. Use SystemUtil to run the script.

    As far as giving parameters is concerend i dont know if there is a way in Jscript to get the arguments that were used while executing a script in file. So you may need to find abt that.

    And one more thing is that QTP objects will not be available to you in you jscript. As the jscript will be execited in windows environment instead of QTP Env.



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