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    Incorrect parameters

    Hi all,
    I have a search page,I enter the Req ID and enter the page.I replaced the value of Req ID with the New_ReqID from the data table.
    Browser("A").Page("B").PSFrame("Job").WebEdit("JOB _REQUIS_SRCH_JOB_REQ_NBR").Set DataTable("New_ReqID"", dtglobalSheet)

    When i run the script , at this point it shows
    Incorrect parameter.
    Any ideas , how to solve this


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    Re: Incorrect parameters

    Remove extra quotes from the name of parameter


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    Re: Incorrect parameters

    Sorry, there is no extra quotes.I have made a typo above.
    This is the error it shows.

    Run Error The parameter is incorrect.

    Line (63): "Browser("PeopleSoft 8 Sign-in_2").Page("Application Data").
    PSFrame("Applicant Data").WebEdit("POSN_APPLIEDFOR_JOB_REQ_NBR$0").
    Set DataTable("ReqID",dtglobalsheet)".

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    Re: Incorrect parameters

    This syntax:
    is correct.
    Check if correct DataTable is assosiated with TestCase.


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    Re: Incorrect parameters

    Yes,Correct Data Table is assosiated with the test case.

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    Re: Incorrect parameters

    Check this:
    If this is recorded? In Repository?
    Somethimes, QTP can not recognize frame properly.
    It depends how it's developed.

    Try to remove this object from code line.

    Double check all objects involved.




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