Hi wasim,
Pls check the following code.
i am getting object required error..
in that web table all means 4 button(upgrade) properties are same,...

pls suggest asap

rowcount=Browser("Browser").Page("page").WebTable( "plan").RowCount
msgbox rowcount
For i=1 to rowcount
colcount=Browser("Browser").Page("page").WebTable( "plan").ColumnCount(i)
msgbox colcount
For j=1 to colcount
getcelldata=Browser("Browser").Page("page").WebTab le("plan").GetCellData(i,j)
msgbox getcelldata
If trim(getcelldata)=trim(DataTable("Plan",dtGlobalSh eet)) Then
Browser("Browser").Page("page").WebTable("plan").C hildItem(i,j,"Image",0).click
Exit for
End If