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    Web Radio Group

    Hi all,
    I have an application in which there are four radio buttons which are recognised as Web Radio group. I need to find out that one of the radio group is selected and find out its name. I have come up wih a piece of code which will tell me that one of the radio button is selected but I want to know which one is selected.

    Here is the code :

    Dim arrInputObj
    'Get all INPUT objects within the page to arrInputObj
    Set arrInputObj = Browser("Preferences").Page("Preferences_2").Frame ("preferencesBody_2").Object.all.tags("INPUT")
    'Scan array to get INPUT object of type Radio
    For Each Element in arrInputObj
    If Element.getAttribute("type")="radio" Then
    msgbox Element.getAttribute("Checked")
    End If

    I build applications to test applications.

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    Re: Web Radio Group

    Just one thing that the value displayed is different from value of the radio button. You can get the value of the radio button by using element.value.



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