Here is my scenario:

I am trying to get data from webtable to excell sheet and I succeded, but am having 7 webtables in same page, i want to retrieve those 7 webtables;Is it possible to get all those 7 webtables data in same excell sheet

One more scenario in between: I am changing the column names too to col_* according to my code
Is it possible automatically for that too

I tried to use addsheet option then what about the column names??

I am using this code for one table:

p = Browser("kiran").Page("kiran").webtable("id").Getr oproperty("rows")
q = Browser("kiran").Page("kiran").webtable("id").Getr oproperty("cols")
For i = 1 to p
datatable.getSheet("Action1").setcurrentrow i
For j = 1 to q
datatable("COL_" & j,dtlocalsheet)= Browser("kiran").Page("kiran").WebTable("id").GetC ellData(i,j)

Thanks in Advance