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    Index property

    Hi All,
    I have observed that QTP records index property for some object and for some it doesnt.
    Can any one tell me for which objects or in what situation does it adds/records "index" property?

    Thanks, in advance

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    Re: Index property

    The index property is usually recorded when there are more than one instance of a particular object on the web page or form. This applies when the objects have similar properties only.

    If you want to record the property index all the time, you need to modify the object properties and include the index property as a mandatory property.


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    Re: Index property

    "index" property can not be added as mandastory property. It doesnt appear in the list of properties.

    I think QTp intelligently decides when to use it. But, how and when is my question.

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    Re: Index property

    to get info about this
    search your QTP help by typing Ordinal Identifier
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