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    partial recovery

    i have a script with a general recovery scenario that stops the test for any error. now, part of my script is closing this window which is most of the time there, but sometimes it's gone for maintenance. while it's gone the script fails. i had tried to use 'optionalStep' but it didn't work.
    so how can i make this small chunk of script unavailable for the recovery scenario, and avoid having this problem?

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    Re: partial recovery

    You can use the exist command to verify if the specific window exist and then continue. The exist command will not trigger the recovery scenario


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    Re: partial recovery

    got the answer, so if any of you ever needs it:
    i used

    recovery.enabled = false
    on error resume next
    small chunk of script
    recovery.enabled = true

    personally, i used it on a different reusable action that is called from the main action, so i can use it for all my scripts, but i guess you can also use it within your script, as long as if you want to revert it you do it on the same action.



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